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I started my hijab journey with Bokitta as a fan. The first time I tried on Bokitta hijab, I bought almost 1,000 USD worth of hijabs in one purchase. It was love at first sight for me. I was amazed that it falls nicely in place, and I did not have to use a single pin to keep it in position. With two kids in my hands, I needed something quick and easy to style.

I wasted no time in sharing the love of Bokitta with my fellow Singaporeans. Eventually,I became an ambassador of the Bokitta brand. Alhamdulillah,it has been a great year since I established Bokitta Singapore.

Singapore Franchisee

The plan for establishing Bokitta Hijab Brunei resulted from a need for an instant, easy-to-wear, stylish hijab and is rooted back to as early as 2010. Though Brunei Muslim women weren’t very familiar with the Bokitta Hijabs when those hijabs were first introduced into the Brunei market, this step generated a wave of excitement and heightened expectations. The beginnings of this newly found relationship between Bokitta Hijab Brunei and the local Muslimahs occurred at the back of a car

We traveled around Brunei, establishing connections, making relationships, and spreading the name of the Bokitta brand. Late 2014, we officially opened the very first Bokitta Hijab Brunei store in the bustling area of Serusop. Novelty back then and the booming success of our first store and in response to the increasing popularity of the Bokitta brand Brunei led to the opening of our second store just a year later, at The Mall, Gadong.

Brunei Distributor

As a woman that is always on-the-go, Bokitta really simplified our daily life. 

In 2016 we were so lucky that we’ve been accepted as one of the franchisees and started off with 5,000 pieces quota. We opened our first boutique in 2016. We initially concluded that our sales can’t increase. However, after receiving guidance from Bokitta International, we opened our first shop in a shopping mall in March 2018, the first one for BOKITTA in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, today, we are so proud that we can spread our wings. We have 5 shops, including in Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, AEON Mall Shah Alam, and Ayer8 Putrajaya. 

We are happy to be a BOKITTA Family.

Ayu Roslan
Malaysia Distributor


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